If you want to gain a victory while playing the fourth raid of World of Warcraft: Legion, understanding a list of Tomb of Sargeras bosses is critical. With a total of nine bosses, you need to learn the Tomb of Sargeras boss order as well so that you can easily defeat them.

Follow us and find out a quick guide of the great strategies now!

Tomb of Sargeras Boss Order in World of Warcraft

A quick glance at 9 bosses in Tomb of Sargeras

Before finding how to kill the bosses, you should get a basic introduction of the Tomb of Sargeras boss order. Let’s start!

  • The Goroth is the first encounter to the raid. It’s a behemoth whose flesh can hiss and crackle with endless torment to harm anyone who opposes him.
  • The Demonic Inquisition has two bosses including Belac and Atrigan. Although each comes with their own mechanics, you can defeat them at any time.
  • The Harjatan was trained from birth to destroy his opponents. He is able to collect groups of cave-dwelling murlocs who see him as a GOD via conquest of savage brutality.
  • The Mistress Sassz’ine is able to restrict the ocean’s denizens. Moreover, she might call nightmares from the sea to wash out anyone who challenges her.
  • The Sisters of the Moon worked as guardians for the temple long before Sargeras was buried below. Although they maintained their vigil, something turned their abilities to divide friend from foe. And now, anyone who visits their sacred place will be put to death.
  • The Desolate Host is described as a holy burial place for the night elves. Here is a foul machine that can send the energy of dead, curling it into an abomination.
  • The Maiden of Vigilance is another guardian who has watched the Tomb of Sargeras for hundreds of years. But now she is destroying anything in her path since the maleficence warps her.
  • The Fallen Avatar is known as a battle of management, asking for the raid to the completion of phase one before heating the boss during phase two.
  • The Kil’Jaeden is the last boss in the Tomb of Sargeras boss order. His encounter might be overlong and spread across three phases with downtime between each.

Which strategy to destroy Tomb of Sargeras bosses?




General Strategy

Tank Strategy

DPS Strategy

The Goroth + If using Shattering Star, make sure it’s placed to hit one or more pillars.

+ If using Crashing Comet, you need to move it away from pillars

+ When Infernal Burning happens, remember to get behind a spike

+ Put the boss on the side of the sideways and platform in such a way his flank is meeting the rest of the group.

+ Try to tank swap him on Melted Armor.

+ Melee DPS needs to stack to the side of the Goroth; meanwhile, ranged DPS needs to spread surrounding the center of the area.

+ If Infernal Burning happens, you should stop DPS instantly.

The Demonic Inquisition + Establish a three-person interrupt turning to be used on Belac during Pangs of Guilt.

+ In case Torment levels become high, be careful of the tank since it’s not holding Atrigan well.

+ If you’re inside the cage, remember to avoid Tormented Eruption.

+ The tank who takes responsibility for holding Atrigan will move him away from Belac, yet close DPS to attack both.

+ Because of his cleave attack, you can face Atrigan away from the raid.

+ Keep in mind that Belac is un-tankable.

+ If the boss feels tired with Fel Squall and Atrigan, stop attacking Belac
The Harjatan + You need to interrupt Wavemender Murlocs in case they are casting Watery Splash.

+ Try to move the edge of the room during Frigid Blows.

+ Stack on Unchecked Rage to expand damage across the raid.

+ Turn the Harjatan toward the raid if he has energy, yet turn him away if he’s icy.

+ Try to tank swap on high Jagged Abrasion.

+ You need to pull groups of enemies towards the boss.

+ Try to kite Razerjaw Gladiators during Drive Assault.

The Mistress Sassz’ine + Run against the Devouring Maw during phase two.

+ Stop Befouling Ink if you cannot run out of space during phase three. Besides, try to avail as many self-healing capacities as possible to heal better.

+ A place needs to be marked for where Hydra Shot spears need to be dropped.

+ Use the off-tank to pick up Abyss Stalkers.

+ Try to place Abyss Stalkers so that they can lower their Concealing Murk in an easy-to-get area when they die.

+ Set up mobility over damage.
The Sisters of the Moon + You should gather to soak the damage from Light Ray during phase one.

+ Remember to prioritize the glaives during phase three.

+ Try to change from Light to Dark sides in order to drop the stacks of Lunar Suffusion or Umbra Suffusion.

+ When stacks of Lunar Suffusion or Umbra Suffusion become too high, you should swap the sides.

+ Pick up the Moontalon and set it up during phase two.

+ Change when Lunar Fire stacks grow too high during phase three.

+ While playing phase two, remember to concentrate on Moontalon.
The Desolate Host + Avoid sitting between the boss and anyone affected by Tormented Cries.

+ Utilize any available magic mitigation to stop Crush Mind damage and Wailing Souls.

+ If you’re affected by residue, try to head to a specific place. Make sure this location is as small as possible.

+ If Fallen Priestess Crush Mind gets unmanageable, be quick to swap.

+ You need to pick up Ghastly Bonewardens and Reanimated Templars.

+ Avoid defeating Fallen Priestess until Bonecage Armor has been taken away from all Corporeal Realm.
The Maiden of Vigilance + Depending on infusion type, you can divide the raid into two opposite sides.

+ Don’t face up to Remanence Pools at all costs.

+ The raid needs to group to soak the Essence Fragments.

+ You should be ready to change the sides after Infusion is cast.

+ If you’re affected by Unstable Soul, please enter the hole in the center of the room when the debuff is about to die.

+ In case Light Infusion influences the tank, you need to soak the damage from Hammer of Creation. Meanwhile, the Fel Infusion has to soak Hammer of Obliteration. + During Wrath of the Creation, you need to take orbs to match your infusion and increase your damage output.

+ Remember to save cooldowns for Titanic Bulwark.

The Fallen Avatar + Avoid entering the damaging places left by Unbound Chaos.

+ Expand across the platform evenly during phase two.

+ Stay away from Rupture Realities.

+ If Shadowy Blades target you, don’t move around.

+ Place the boss on the edge of the platform during phase two.

+ Put the Maiden of Valor so that she can come between Containment Pylons and the energy beam.


+ Stop attacking the Maiden of Valor until she gets enough energy.

+ Concentrate on the Fallen Avatar if he’s up.

+ Remember to save cooldowns for the transition during phase two

Kil’Jaeden + When the boss is up, make sure to stand near the Rupturing Singularity.

+ Try to escape from teammates when being targeted by Bursting Dreadflame during intermission one.

+ Keep in mind to stand near Illidan to gain fight during intermission two.

+ Stay away from Demonic Obelisk during phase three.

+ Utilize damage mitigation when Felclaws is on the Kil’Jaeden.

+ The off-tank needs to stand under Armageddon Hail when Armageddon is cast.

+ Take out Shadowsouls during intermission two.

With all detailed strategies, we hope you can deal with all nine Tomb of Sargeras bosses well. And remember to defeat Tomb of Sargeras boss order from the Goroth to the Kil’Jaeden to complete the primary task of World of Warcraft. Let’s start and good luck to you!