Game of Thrones: Season 3
June 29, 2020 News

Focus on the story of the character

Part 3 of Game of Thrones revolves around the theme of “nobility versus oppressed citizens,” along with classic battle scenes that surprised fans with unforeseen details. This movie tells the story of the characters. Besides, it is like a platform that exposes sin where innocent people are punished in wicked ways, and those who commit mistakes will be taught karmic lessons or provide a child—pathways of unbalanced crime and violence. For example, Robb with the wrong passion for (Talisa) and the virtual honor (executing Lord Karstark) suffered brutal consequences under the judgment and trial of some extremely dishonest people.

When watching a show, the structure will probably be most interested in. The books about the Ice and Fire story of George R with Parts 1 and 2 are appealingly paired and lead viewers from one story to another. And in the third book – Martin’s best and most gratifying book, you can come across new characters (more than twenty new faces) with the veteran cast. In the previous two sections, viewers are often led to wars or head-off phases without knowing the cause of the Nerd casual, almost in this section, you will not see battles that rarely occur and no more Starks again on the game board,

The impressive characters do not appear.

You might be surprised at the spinning wheel of the redemption arc, where the very villains themselves will be judged. You remember Jaime- the character who left a tremendous influence on the audience again, causing frustration when not appearing to continue in any scene after rescuing Brienne from the bear pit in the “Bear and Witch Fair.”

Arya-a character, downline, extraordinarily seductive, and intense desire for revenge was unable to continue the race and live in misery, mud, and death after seeing her father executed. As soon as he stepped out of King Landing and entered the world of war-ravaged Riverlands, Arya had to experience all brutality, coldness, and harshness of the kingdom where the scoundrels and monsters fought over.  In the end, she had to live in misunderstandings and then fall into doubt at Gendry. And when The Twins arrived, Arya could not escape the darkness, her darkness before.

Is an arranged marriage a punishment?

In this section, everyone is impressed by arranged marriages (a kind of retribution) with bloody end predictions like Edmure Tully, so it seems that these “puppets” all fall into a beautiful place. Hope in the power game. Cersei, for example, claims not to marry Loras, but cannot escape the fate of joking. Another character also suffered the crushing of Joffrey in Part 1, by marrying Tyrion after refusing Littlefinger’s offer to avoid together after leaving The Eyrie. Everything is turned around and causal in the cycle of sin, where sinners must pay for their actions.


Generally, it seems that Game of Thrones: Season 3offers many opportunities for characters and their stories such as Jon and Dany or Arya and Sansa to appear more on the screen and bring the characters’ inner thoughts closer to the audience. !

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