How to increase Persona 5 Proficiency?
Persona 5 guide: how to raise kindness, increase charm, guts, and enhance proficiency
October 9, 2018 News

Surely Persona 5 is one of the best social simulation and role-playing games that we can’t miss when mentioning this genre. This is really a great game with interesting and addictive gameplay. The special point of this game is that it offers a social stats system. This system includes many stats including Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. These stats evaluate the accessibility and skill of character in different parts of the game’s social features. Increasing them will help players to open up new confidants and complete various quests easier.

In these stats, how to raise kindness, how to increase charm persona 5, how to increase guts in persona 5, and how to raise persona 5 proficiency are the frequently asked questions of gamers. In order to learn more about these issues, please follow this article!

Persona 5 guide: how to raise kindness, increase charm, guts, and enhance proficiency

Why Social Stats are important in Persona 5?

Before coming to answers of questions Persona 5 How to raise kindness? How to increase charm in Persona 5? How to increase guts, and Persona 5 Proficiency? let’s find out why these social stats are so important.

As mentioned above, the social stats of Persona 5 include 5 different stats. They are Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. And in this game, you will find that some Confidants and Social Links require a particular level in one of your over world stats to get over Rank 5. Besides that, the Untouchables shop also has some better gear for sale for people who have enough Guts to ask about it. For this reason, increasing your needed stats is so important.

Persona 5 How to raise kindness?

Persona 5 How to raise kindness?

Persona 5 uses a variety of social stats that allow you to interact with various systems in the game world and increase your relationships with other players. And in order to progress the relationships with certain confidants, players need to have the kindness. For this reason, Persona 5 how to raise kindness is a so common question of many gamers. Below, we will introduce to you four effective ways to raise this social stat.

The first and easiest way to have kindness is to clean your room and gain access to your plants as soon as possible. When coming here, let’s go to the flower shop in the underground mall and purchase some nutrients. After that, before going to sleep, you need to examine your plant and feed it. This action can help you to create a source of kindness but it only can be done once per two weeks. Check in with your plant daily and make sure that you always have nutrients on you.

The second way to raise kindness is spending time with Sojiro. He is a crusty old man but owns a sweet heart. If you can melt his rude and bitter shell, you can raise your kindness. In addition, working at either the flower shop or the Crossroads bar will also give you a great opportunity to increase kindness.

In addition to these two ways above, getting kindness up early is also very important. You will not be able to increase your relationship with your earliest teammates, Ann, until you are at level 2. So, don’t ignore any opportunity. Besides that, reading books on the school library or occasionally on the train also helps you to increase your kindness. On the description for each book, it lets you know which stat will help your increase kindness if finished. So, don’t forget to check out books from the school library or purchase them at the bookstore.

How to increase charm in Persona 5?

You know that the social stats are so important in Persona 5 and this game takes the stats seriously. In order to hang out with confidants, you need to have certain levels of social stats in which Charm is the stat you need to raise. In detail, Charm is so needed to increase confidant ranks like for Makoto and Takemi, and it is also necessary to pursue many more romantic relationships. So, how to increase charm in Persona 5?

How to increase charm in Persona 5?

In fact, there are various ways to increase the charm in this game. One of the easiest ways to raise charm is to go to the bathhouse. It is in Cafe Leblanc pretty close to your house. Coming here, you will have to pay a certain fee and of course, it takes up some time to raise the charm. However, if you go there on Mondays and Thursdays, you can get an additional bonus charm. Moreover, if you come there on rainy days, no matter what day it is, you will still get the boost.

In addition to going to the bathhouse, you also can earn some charm points by working at the Crossroads bar. This place is available when you have unlocked Shinjuku and progressed in the story.

Besides that, similar to other social stats, reading book also can help you to raise charm. So, you can come to the school’s library or some bookstores like Shibuya to purchase books. After that, read the book on the train or anytime in the library will help you increase your charm.

In addition to the three ways above, there are also random ways to earn charm points. For example, you can do well for your exam, spend your time with some confidants, or even eat something at restaurants. All of those actions also can help you raise the charm.

How to increase guts in persona 5?

In order to increase your Guts, the first way is to visit Tae Takami and participating in her medical trials. Besides that, ordering coffee at the Shibuya Diner or participating Bigbang Burger at the night after the 6th of May also help you to increase your guts.

In addition, read specific books and study at the school library is also a useful way to increase guts. Let’s check out the book guide for all the book locations and rewards, surely you will find how to increase guts in persona 5.

Persona 5 Proficiency

Proficiency is one of the most important social stats especially early on in Persona 5. This social stat mainly focuses on reducing the required time of crafting for many different tools and items as well as increasing the amount players can craft. In addition, it also helps players to improve the relationships with certain confidants. So, Persona 5 Proficiency and how to raise this stat is a very popular question of many gamers.

How to increase Persona 5 Proficiency?

How to increase Persona 5 Proficiency?

Firstly, the best way to enhance Proficiency is to craft more and more. We both know that Proficiency helps us to increase the number of tools players can craft by decreasing the required time. We also know that, right in our real life, in order to do well anything, we must do that work repetitively. For this reason, crafting more and more is the best way to raise Persona 5 Proficiency. When you have learned how to craft from Morgana, let’s regularly craft lockpicks to increase your proficiency. Moreover, since lockpicks are used in infiltrating palaces, there is no downside to this.

In addition, if you want to take a break, you can visit the Batting Cages and play some mini-games to increase your proficiency. Although it can take you a bit time, rewards really can make up for it. Remind you that it requires a bit of money before participating in the Batting Cage minigame, so, don’t forget to prepare enough money.

Once again, reading books is the great way to increase Proficiency. In fact, this is the general way to increase all stats of this game. And in order to increase proficiency in persona 5, you need to keep an eye in the description of the book. There is a clue to tell players that which social stat it improves. So, you can check it before purchasing or renting it from the library or any bookstore.

Conclusion: In Persona 5, the social stats like kindness, charm, Guts, and Proficiency are so important. They help you to improve your relationship with certain confidants and complete the game easier. With the guide above, now you know how to raise kindness, increase charm, increase guts, and Proficiency in this game. The general way to increase all of these three stats is by reading books. In addition, depending on each stat, you have many different ways to raise. Now, based on the information above and increase your needed stats effectively, surely you will find out lots of interesting in this game.

In case you have any problem or question revolving around this topic, don’t hesitate to send us your question. It is our honor to help you answer all of your problems. So, surely we will do our best to help you answer all of those questions. Finally, thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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